Thursday, 4 December 2014

Agricultural Marketing: Merits of Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing means to use marketing techniques in order to bridge the gap between farmer and the market. Ag-marketing uses good of both worlds. The process of bringing farmer closer to the market and the buyer has various benefits, some of which are following. 

  • Modern marketing techniques help farmer with their yield. The increased yield in return raises their living standard.
  • It has lessened the communication gap.
  • Modern marketing opens new doorways for farmers and the prospect consumers.
  • Marketing has taught farmers how to better target and sell customers.
  • Agriculture marketing has made way for pickup facilities allowing them to sell at incentive prices.
  • Agriculture marketing helps in maintaining the overall standard and quality of products.

Effective Marketing Strategy for Farmer

In order to make the most of agricultural marketing techniques, a farmer must carefully follow the tips.

·         Patience: A farmer must be strong patient and persistence in his approach. He must wait for the right opportunity to sell his products and avoid selling all of the produce for immaterial gains immediately after harvest.

·         Storage: To extract the most from his produce, he must store them so they can be sold at the right time and place for the right amount. For that he will require adequate storage facilities.

·         Market Knowledge: A farmer must be fullyaware of current market condition and prices so he doesn’t get ripped off.

·         Inexpensive Freight: With affordable freight, a farmer can explore new markets that offer more returns for his efforts.

·         Least Middlemen: There must be least amount of middle men so farmer can make profit while consumer can get affordable rates.

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