Thursday, 16 October 2014

What to Look for When Buying a Compact Tractor?

A compact size tractor is the key requirement in certain industries. Small hold farming, sports field maintenance, small scale construction work and horse stable maintenance are the areas which do require employing the compact size tractors. On the other side, there are chances that you don't need the tractor for routine tasks such as you have to maintain or mow your house lawn or to maintain your farm house where you visit on holidays. Before investing your precious money, you must know about what to look for when buying a compact tractor.

Whatsoever the requirement is, the main thing is that the tractor you purchase must be designed according to fulfill the exact use of yours.

If you do not have the know-how about what to look for when buying a compact tractor, keep reading this article as we have described below what you should know and what things to check.

Note: This article is about compact tractors, if you are looking for farming tractors, look here.

Compact tractors are mostly designed to operate in restricted spaces such as gardens and lawns with boundary walls. The ability to move freely within these narrow spaces is important for a tractor. According to your needs, you must check for their mobility. Some tractors can move up to 75 degrees which may save the time and improve the working efficiency.

Tractor Power
Compact tractors are designed with various horsepower which range from 23 to 46. The simple rule to remember here is that the more you have to use it, the more horsepower machine you should buy. Most of the tractor machines are manufactured with 3 or 4 cylinder designs. This increases the fuel efficiency of the machine. You should always seek the machines having larger cubic-inch displacement as such machines produce the required horsepower with very low effort and time. 

Many compact and sub-compact tractors are designed with front-wheel drive system. This is positive for you especially if you have to work in bad traction land. Front wheel system decreases the chances of wheel slip and increases the drawbar pulling ability. Also if you go for a heel pedal lock, it is a good choice. It locks both of the back wheels if traction is lost.

There are two main types in tractors: Synchronized shuttle shift gear transmission and hydrostatic transmission.

  • A Synchronized shuttle shift is suitable when you are moving the gears forward and reverse frequently. Having the gears and levers synchronized, SSS transmission allows you to change the gears without stopping.

  • Hydrostatic transmission is the most suitable option. It allows you to operate the tractor very easily. You can easily control the speed, change the direction using the foot pedals (forward and reverse) without having to use the levers or clutch. In most cases, people choose HST transmission tractors.

Flexibility for Various Uses
The most important thing you should look in a compact tractor is its flexibility for various uses. A flexible compact tractor is able to work with backhoes, forks, ploughs, sack barrows, rollers and loader buckets. It will allow you to switch between these tractor accessories very smoothly just with a single hand action. Also remember to note the size of the bucket the tractor can manage. The larger the bucket size the more time you will save.

What's Next?
In addition to all these things discussed above, it is a better approach to reach a local expert around you. Approach him, discuss your requirements, take his guidance and finalize your choice in the light of your findings.
Now you must know what to consider while buying a compact tractor for your specific uses and this knowledge will definitely lead toward making the right choice.