Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tips to Help You Grow Corn

Corns are one of the most grown produces of United States. They look lovely and their taste is even more superlative. Americans love to have corn in their fields and gardens. Some grow corn for appearance, some for health reasons and some for the fun of gardening. 
So if you like growing them as much as the rest of corn lovers; read on for some useful tips on how to grow them.

Planting and Harvesting
Corn is wind pollinated and must therefore be in blocks, 23-24 inches apart. Before you plant, remember that you have to keep them 3-4 inches apart from each other and around an inch deep. Also note that crowding affects its size or formation.
The ideal time to reap corn is when its ears fill up and you can notice milky white as you pierce the kernel. Another sign that you’re ready to harvest is when the silk turns brown.

Tips for Productive Growth
·         Use rotted manure to prepare the soil as it increases overall productivity.
·         Feed them heavily because corn requires it.
·         Use soil with pH between 6-6.7
·         Plant them at about knee height.
·         Side-dress with nitrogen.
·         Give them plenty of sunlight, but don’t get carried away.
·         Give them substantial moisture.
·         Control weeds. You can use mulch.
·         Remember to water more in drier days.
·         Protect them from frost in chilly days.
Do not forget to exercise these tips as you grown corn, bean, parsley, pumpkin, pea, or cucumber the next season.