Thursday, 25 September 2014

New Massey Ferguson Tractors

Whether we realize it or not, all of us rely on farmers for food. But what do farmers rely on? Their skills and their equipment. If you ask me, a tractor is one of the most must-have things in a farmer’s arsenal. The power these slow-moving vehicles offer to a cultivator helps him in moving all sorts of heavy accessories allowing farmer to plow, plant and till. Buying a right tractor is hence a very important part of a farmer’s job.

Many farmers – to save money and maximize their profit or out of sheer need to make ends meet – use decade old Massey Ferguson/ New Holland tractors for farming. Such farmers aren’t to be blamed because some of the old models are proven in the field and our grower can ride them in a lot less amount of money. 

While old tractors feel appealing, they also demand extra precaution. Buying a used tractor is another hectic job for a farmer that’s already running on a tight timetable. And the no-warranty stipulation essentially makes it a gamble for a farmer. 

On the other hand, a new tractor has one flaw only – cost. If a farmer is willing to pay a tad bit more, he can get a model that has more features than its predecessors, is better and more effective, and offers a decent warranty from manufacturer. When a farmer chooses a new Massey Ferguson Tractor, the additional amount he pays compared to a used one gets him superb after sales services meaning he does not have to lose sleep over tractor betraying him mid-day.

So even though used tractors are inexpensive, that is pretty much all they are. Conversely, new tractors offer more value for money and promise better productivity. What are your thoughts?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Top 5 Massey Ferguson Models By Aeco Tractor Parts

Number 5:

Massey Ferguson Tractor – MF 260  

Number 4:

Massey Ferguson Tractor – MF 640  

Number 3:

Massey Ferguson Tractor – MF 385 (4WD)  

Number 2:

 Massey Ferguson Tractor – MF 3645


Number 1:

Massey Ferguson Tractor – MF 7618  

Massey Ferguson Tractors – Best Tractors in the Market

Massey Ferguson is a reliable name which has secured its position in world of agriculture. Whether old or new, Massey Ferguson tractors are always ready for fieldwork. These tractors, though sturdy are fine and complex works because engineers at AGCO make sure everything is in proper condition.

In addition to tractors, the Georgian company makes the most reliable implements and accessories – accessories that can be used in toughest conditions without fear of damage. But coming back to their Massey Ferguson tractors, they are a class apart. Compared to known brands and Chinese makes, these tractors are superior as they are heavy hitters. These tractors are durable and can last – something Chinese made tractors are incapable of doing.

Their durability and strength make them a perfect machine for agriculture and also increase their resale value.

Just remember to look to buy new or used Massey Ferguson tractors from a known supplier. Getting a credible supplier means the tractor will not die on you, especially because the tractors are Massey Ferguson. Even if a problem does occur with the machine, you can always bet the supplier will provide you with best after sales experience, giving you best value for your money.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Massey Ferguson – A Name to Rely on

Massey Ferguson is the name in which we all trust, rely and believe. When it comes to agriculture, tractors and farming, the first name which strikes in our mind is Massey Ferguson because it’s the name which has built its credibility in the mind of people, specially farmers, traders and exporters dealing in farm and agriculture machinery.

There is no doubt about the quality of the machines specially tractors that Massey Ferguson gives to its customers. Massey Ferguson tractors are the best when compared to other brands like John Deere, Fiat, Kubota tractors. The reason is that the Massey Ferguson tractors are the pioneer in farming and agriculture industry.

Thanks to them, the specialized tractors are now being used for different jobs like harvesting, plugging, seeding and not only this, tractors are also being used for non agricultural purpose like for travelling in rural area, for transporting goods or just for pulling and getting it attached to caravan.

Once a person has used machinery, tractors and implements of a brand like Massey Ferguson he/she cannot switch to another brand at any cost because the brand is so self satisfying, it gains customers confidence of the user of Massey Ferguson brand and makes a place in his heart and mind.

The horse power (HP) of Massey Ferguson tractors is much high when compared to tractors like Kubota, John Deere and other local and international brands. Though the HP mentioned may be higher than the other tractors when we see but if its originally 100-110 HP of other brands, then Massey Ferguson’s can match that with its 90-95 HP.

After the brand, there are distributors and exporters of the Massey Ferguson machinery and accessories. Remember that it is very important that the exporters and distributors give out the original products to the end users of Massey Ferguson and not mocks, or provide with the fake accessories and machines. Massey Ferguson’s dealers are licensed and so the danger of such gets completely eliminated.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tractors and Implements - Their Cost and Features

Buying Used Massey Ferguson Tractors – Things to Consider

Sometimes, buying a used product is better than buying a new one. This is especially true if saving the money is on your mind. Same can be said for farming items, above all, the tractor. Used tractor offers quite a few benefits to the farmer running tight on budget. When you save tremendously by opting for the used tractor, you have more room to spend on minor tweaks and repairs. 

Used Massey Ferguson and New Holland Tractors are easily available around every farming locality. Even on the internet, one can conveniently locate a website that can provide latest models in used tractors along with all the necessary information. Though, the buyer must proceed with caution and do all the research beforehand. 

Following are some tips to consider when the research phase is complete and the buyer decides to buy from a reliable Massey Ferguson Tractor supplier.

·         Is the supplier in driving distance? This is one of foremost things to know as this allows the farmer to buy after thorough inspection. Ask for previous maintenance record if possible. 

·         Can a Local Tractor Mechanic check it? With just a little investment, any farmer can make sure he’s going for the right deal as a mechanic would know what a farmer would not.

·         Need the Best Output? Who doesn’t? that is why it is imperative to remember following before the purchase:

o   Wide front is preferable
o   Tractors with stacked smoke hint their fuel injectors may be clogged.
o   If it is so, ask what additive is being used to control the stack smoke. This will give you an idea how it will perform with different mixtures.