Thursday, 25 September 2014

New Massey Ferguson Tractors

Whether we realize it or not, all of us rely on farmers for food. But what do farmers rely on? Their skills and their equipment. If you ask me, a tractor is one of the most must-have things in a farmer’s arsenal. The power these slow-moving vehicles offer to a cultivator helps him in moving all sorts of heavy accessories allowing farmer to plow, plant and till. Buying a right tractor is hence a very important part of a farmer’s job.

Many farmers – to save money and maximize their profit or out of sheer need to make ends meet – use decade old Massey Ferguson/ New Holland tractors for farming. Such farmers aren’t to be blamed because some of the old models are proven in the field and our grower can ride them in a lot less amount of money. 

While old tractors feel appealing, they also demand extra precaution. Buying a used tractor is another hectic job for a farmer that’s already running on a tight timetable. And the no-warranty stipulation essentially makes it a gamble for a farmer. 

On the other hand, a new tractor has one flaw only – cost. If a farmer is willing to pay a tad bit more, he can get a model that has more features than its predecessors, is better and more effective, and offers a decent warranty from manufacturer. When a farmer chooses a new Massey Ferguson Tractor, the additional amount he pays compared to a used one gets him superb after sales services meaning he does not have to lose sleep over tractor betraying him mid-day.

So even though used tractors are inexpensive, that is pretty much all they are. Conversely, new tractors offer more value for money and promise better productivity. What are your thoughts?

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