Monday, 8 December 2014

Things to Remember When Looking for a Tractor

If you are new to the world of tractor, you might want to explore the market before buying the right thing. The tractors have been in the evolution process for more than a century now, so it might be tough for a first timer to spot the right deal in first instance.

But that shouldn’t discourage you from buying a tractor. here are a few points for you that will help you find the sweetest tractor deal available.

There must be a specific purpose or a defined set of purposes for a tractor. Do not compromise on that. If the machine is not complying with all your needs, look for another tractor. This is your first priority.

Spare Parts:
Look for a model whose spare parts are easily available in the market. You can find an exceptional machine but if it’s really rare, chances are you will not be able to find parts conveniently.

Engine Hours:
How much engine hours has it endured? And how much does it have left in the tank? Search the internet about the model you seek to know if the deal you are getting is the right one – especially if it’s a 2nd hand deal.

Brand & Model:
Related to previous factors, see which tractor is most recommended and which one serves all or most of your purposes optimally. Consult friends and family, and search the internet.

How’s the interior? You will be spending a lot of time inside that equipment, so check out the cabin before you finalize the deal.

This is also one of the most crucial factors. You need to understand your power requirements and how much the deal in discussion is offering. Prefer 2WD for light duty or average jobs and 4WD for heavy duty work.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Agricultural Marketing: Merits of Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing means to use marketing techniques in order to bridge the gap between farmer and the market. Ag-marketing uses good of both worlds. The process of bringing farmer closer to the market and the buyer has various benefits, some of which are following. 

  • Modern marketing techniques help farmer with their yield. The increased yield in return raises their living standard.
  • It has lessened the communication gap.
  • Modern marketing opens new doorways for farmers and the prospect consumers.
  • Marketing has taught farmers how to better target and sell customers.
  • Agriculture marketing has made way for pickup facilities allowing them to sell at incentive prices.
  • Agriculture marketing helps in maintaining the overall standard and quality of products.

Effective Marketing Strategy for Farmer

In order to make the most of agricultural marketing techniques, a farmer must carefully follow the tips.

·         Patience: A farmer must be strong patient and persistence in his approach. He must wait for the right opportunity to sell his products and avoid selling all of the produce for immaterial gains immediately after harvest.

·         Storage: To extract the most from his produce, he must store them so they can be sold at the right time and place for the right amount. For that he will require adequate storage facilities.

·         Market Knowledge: A farmer must be fullyaware of current market condition and prices so he doesn’t get ripped off.

·         Inexpensive Freight: With affordable freight, a farmer can explore new markets that offer more returns for his efforts.

·         Least Middlemen: There must be least amount of middle men so farmer can make profit while consumer can get affordable rates.